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Cisco MGX-2GE, Single Height 2-port GigE backcard for RPM-XF

Price: $450.00
  • Item #: MGX-2GE
  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Condition: Used
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The MGX-2GE back card uses an MGX-2GE driver and provides two IEEE 802.3z compliant Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that run at 1 Gbps in full duplex mode.

The MGX-2GE back card provides the following key features:

Efficient, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth.

Optimized Gigabit Ethernet IP-based multiservice network services.

Auto negotiation.

Flow control.

802.1q encapsulation support for VLANs.

Configurable loopbacks for troubleshooting.

SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) Security

Link Management (Auto Negotiation)

Flow Control Between Gigabit Links

Interface MAC Address Assignment

MAC Address Filtering

Card OIR (Online Insertion & Removal) support

SFP Hot Swapping

The MGX-2GE driver performs the following tasks:

Initializing the GE driver subsystem at IOS boot time

Initializing and configuring the GE backcard

Downloading the GE backcard firmware images

Collecting statistics for the CLI and SNMP

Managing alarm and trap events after insertion, removal, and hot swap

Managing interface status and configuration changes

Processing events and alarms

Monitoring data path hardware failures

Controlling front card and backcard port and card status LEDs

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